Volunteer experience

Recently, I’ve been organizing with with #NoTechForTyrants (NT4T), the UK partner of #NoTechForICE. NT4T is a student-led initiative working to sever the links between higher education and technology companies that enable violence, particularly against migrant communities. Check out this op-ed, and take a look at our reading guide.

Over the summer, I was elected to serve a three-year term as a board member for Open Hillel, a student-led initiative working to make Jewish communities more inclusive, transparent, and democratic.

As an undergraduate student, I did lots of volunteer organizing with Jewish Voice for Peace. Here are some of the cool things we did:

  • We helped open an interfaith prayer and meditation space in our University’s multicultural student services center.
  • We successfully co-led the campaign to pass a resolution through our student senate that demanded the University divest from corporations profiting off violence committed against members of our own student body.
  • We ran monthly interfaith Shabbat dinners open to the entire student body.
  • We hosted some real cool Jews, like artist Molly Crabapple and poet Kevin Coval.

Outside of Jewish student life, I helped my friends at Hackital put on two 100+ developer hackathons and served as a leadership council member for the Undergraduate Business Association. I also started a blockchain club, which was both a distinct failure and a formative learning experience.